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Parenting Back in Your Hands

You Can Do It Too: A How-to Road Map and Journal for Your Child’s Success

Parents spend more time pursuing careers or choosing a mate than planning for the children. In fact, parents spend the least amount of time building a roadmap for the future of their children. In Parenting Back in Your Hands, it will show parents the importance of creating a plan for the child and how to implement it.

Author June Wilson, BBA, CSTE, DTM shares her real-life story about building a relationship with her child—a relationship that fosters team work, positive thoughts, sacrifice, resiliency and a process-driven technique. Wilson’s strategy resulted in her child’s ultimate success.

Parents want their children to be successful and live productively. Through this book, it seeks to impart the following:

  • ten markers of success;
  • child assessment tool;
  • risk and protective factors; and
  • ways to get quantifiable results


Always be inspired.
Motivate yourself.
No one holds your happiness,
So stop the blaming game.
No need for recrimination.
Pick yourself up.
Your move is to go forward now.
No time for regrets.
Look at the big picture.
Your intelligence precedes you, and you know it too.
Look ahead.
Aim high; your focus is beyond the sky.



I hear of coronavirus,
Known as COVID-19,
And never knew it before.
They say it is spreading rapidly
And started from afar.
People are dying.
Fear is in our midst.
They ask us health questions,
And people in nursing homes cannot be seen.
People are running scared and running to groceries,
Buying up supplies.
Poor allergy victims, young and old, are fearful of leaving
their own homes.
We beg you to have compassion for our doctors.
Leave supplies for them to use.
If they cannot treat the patients,
What a trouble it can be.
Remember the symptoms; they are asking all the time.
They ask questions all the time.
Do you have a cold?
Do you have a fever?
Did you travel recently?
Let’s wash our hands and follow instructions,
And have hope that our government will assist us as much
as it can.
Tell them to remember they have loved ones too.
So keep the mortuary clean.
I know God will help all of us.
I know this to be true.
You are blessed, and I am too.
Keep the faith,
And we will get through this; I assure you.

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